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So my friend was over today and she logged into her ebay account, to show me something she had won the other day.
Well,stupid me forgot that she never logged out,so here I am on ebay,and I see something that ends in a few hours, that I want.....So I bid...
It wasn't until I went to check the status on something I was selling,did I notice my mistake...
So I had to log out of her account,log into mine,and outbid myself. :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:

and the moral of this story is...Never use Ebay when you're exhausted.

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I use esnipe -to bids as high as I've set it in order to win at the last second so there's no time for me to get outbid. I only lose if someone else has a higher proxy bid in place and I'm okay with that cause I've figured out my max in advance and I don't end up bidding higher cause I'm "caught up in the moment".

It's a shame you had to outbid yourself. LOL I hope it was a small increment.
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