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The first "bully" show was hosted in 2004, from then on the popularity of the breed and the dog itself has changed based on styles. Here is a chance to look at the American Bully and how quickly breeders with no direction can change a breed.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying these dogs are ideal American Bullies, I am posting these videos for historical purposes.

SuperBull I- 2004

SuperBull II- 2005

The Lounge Show (Sacramento, Ca.)- 2006

2007 Bully Show

Bullypalooza (Atlanta, Ga.)- 2007

L.A. Super Bully Show- 2008

NorCal Ent. Show (Woodland, Ca.)- Early 2009

Bullypalooza (Atlanta, Ga.)- 2009

ABKC Nationals (Atlanta, Ga.)- Late 2010
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