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it was A swelterin day in the hole,somere's around august,I'd riled my Korean friend,to his wits end,so I needed another target.
it just so happened that the Boss mans son Ricky had placed A bullseye upon his back.ya see,I had this runnin partner, we did everything,set trot lines,grew weed along the cape fear,ran dope,just an arsenal of illegal activities.
his name was stanley.and Ricky had targeted him.
they were on the Blow crew,we ran the concrete pump, and blew the concrete walls in for swimming pools.Ricky was the bosses kid,kinda spoiled,but big enough to be a physical threat to most folks.I was not most.
one day, in the hole,theirs no breeze,it's 135+ degrees down there,and Ricky greases out A nasty fart,and stanley is behind him.so Stanley get A bit up-set 'bout it. and ricky thinks it's funny,says that if'n he don't keep up with him,cutting the walls as they follow me he's fired.
I just kept my mouth shut,for I'd known what what I was going to do.I was going to make it right, and stand tall for my little buddy,stanley was a small guy,in order to stand above 5'4" he had to use A bucket.he had to put potatoes in his back pocket to have a but.
well,I get in my 'ol ford fairmont, and I ease on to the Food Lion in the sycamore square.I get me A head of cabbage,2 cans of pinto beans,A pound and A half of hamburger, and my usual.A 12 pack of busch beer.4.59 for A 12er.
I get home,I fry the cabbage,then fry the hamburger, and put the beans in the hamburger grease.I 'et all of it.well folks,women and churen,let me tell you,whenever I grease my drawers,tell ya the truth?I likes it.I D'clare I like my own ferts.
yet,on this day,when that first one came to call,it skeert me,it felt like it was gonna come a gusher,it didn't,it was A bit squishy and wet but it didn't leave no holeshots, just skid marks.
I did all I could to keep them back.we got to the job,and started the concrete pump and the big IR air compressor.we set to blowin the walls,I'd told Stanley, and he set ricky ahead of him.we didn't make 2 rounds of the pool,and I felt it gnawin on my tummy, anda churnin,we got the third round, and I could't hold it no more,I eased it out,as keerful as I could.it went for about 15 seconds,eeeuuurrrrnnnpfft.
about 10 seconds ricky realized it.he was in the mass of stale air,me,I'd walked around the pool fannin my britches to get it all free,and then another one came, all wet and sloppy.Ricky blew up.
that boy had A fit to be tied rage right there.he melted down like A candle in a gas fire.
everyone looked on and got A purdee kick out of it.he's hollerin at the top of his lungs what he's gonna do.I looked at him,and told him,like he'd told stanley,get back to work or your fired.he shouts that his daddy owned the company and he could do what he wanted.
it was ironic. the evenin g before,his dad had asked me why his son was going to fire stanley,so I told him.he didn't par'ticlar really like me,but I'm A heck of A worker. and he liked that.I could do any job and fix any piece of eqpt.
that mornin before we'd left the yard I'd told him about my plan. he made A point to be there.
and when his son showed his but, and acted better than,and he didn't know his dad was there.
the old man,he looked down into that hole,he says,"Ricky,Boy, you don't get your as$ to work I'll fire you.all ya'll work for me. and you ain't better than these boys and don't you think that you'll get better treatment on the site.
it was nice to work for the old man,he had A sense of southern honor about him.
that was a day that brought us closer.then A day came, that he missed me.
I miss you to Mr. Britt.
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