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scratchin hard
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ol boy put his **** hound up for sale said it was the fastest thing on 4 legs.
will u. holdit calls and says prove it.so ol boy says you drive this yar truck and i'll let him out and you let me know yo speed.
so bout 10 mph he looks and sho nuff dog jus trottin
20 mph looks out and thar he is
so will floors it gets upwards of 70mph aint no way he out thar well by god thar he is.
will slams on the brakes and says i give ya 2000 fer that ol hound thats the damdest thang i evr saw.
ol boy says sold
will looks and says hey he didnt have that collar on when we started
ol boy says hell thet aint no collar
thets his asshole he aint used to them sudden stops!
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