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Sorry it's a minute late guys, if you getta chance, hit the home page and check out the replay of the show.... It was a good one ;)

Date: Feb 16, 2010 6:11 PM
Subject: Back to the Bullies
Body: Back to the Bullies
Hosted by Bully the Kid and Ms Chavez

The Show of the century is going down in Orlando, Florida on the 27th. Major sponsors, television, and radio coverage and one of the hottest fun shows to go down in history!!!! All in the Land of Disney!!!

Also we will be discussing hearts on tonight's show. How important is the cardiac test for the American Bully and the American Pit Bull Terrier! What does the different grades of heart murmurs really mean and at what age should a buyer be concerned with a heart murmur.
Join us as we bring Dr. Charlie back to let us know whats really going on, when it comes to the hearts of our Bullies!

Tonight on Back to the Bullies only on American Bully World

10pm EST / 7pm PST

Want to be a guest on Back to the Bullies contact our producer Jamie Baltimore at [email protected]........
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