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Finally got King Kongs papers!!!!!!!

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View attachment 9613 Ok so we got kings kongs papers Finally we had sent for the 7 gen but they sent the 4 gen first Ill post the 4 but we really wanted to post the 7 here goes (be gentle heheheheh) Im so happy!!! sorry so big I suck at this pick thing
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The first 2-3 gen is a bit blurry but i can see the rest.Are you familiar with bullypedia? if not its basically a online pedigree site where you can build visual pedigrees of your dog(s).Id check it out its really simple.
sire blu-dini's denzel? Dam stormtrooperpits prada I cant cut n paste (on Ps3) but i can zoom in lol
from what i recognise there are bully and staff lines.
i didnt see any apbt but i dont recognise all the names so im really not sure.
bullys range in size from 12"-20"+ there are different classes.
im pretty sure all the abkc standards are in the bullies 101 section.That also gives a visual for the breed standard of the different classes
The thread is called ABKCclass info in the bullies 101 section hope this helps.
yea standard is17"-20" for males most dogs fall into that class.Classic class is the same height range but less overall mass and slightly more of the UKC look.Its hard to tell what class the dog actually belongs in till' they are mature.ive heard of dogs really filliin' out after 2.
http://theabkcdogs.org/breeds/american-bully/standard/ theres the link to the ABKC it explains the diffrences in classes , bully are put in classes judged by height and one class judged by body mass. There is also on there site the registration form , I recommend you register your dog with them as well it caters more to the bully standard, we all have UKC papers for our bullys but the bully really doesnt fit the standard they have set , the ABKC is apparently are closing there books for single registration next year sometime so good to get that in now , besides its only $20 I believe for us residents to register with them.
If only i could cut/paste on here lol
I have a bully that has longer legs than what you normally see... its what they are saying, its all about pedigree not necessarily just what they look like. when i first came here I was asking the same exact questions you are.

7 months old here
We need some new pics of bentley!:)
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Loki is pretty much Razorsedge/greyline/Watchdog/Lar-san's.
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