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Long time no post!
Hope everyone is good and I will probably be up all night going through threads to catch up hehe

Well I recently fostered a beautiful "blue pit" I renamed Lily short for lilikoi. For those wondering what lilikoi is, it's a hawaiian passion fruit :)

Any ways I put it in quotations because she is a shelter dog with no papers and I'm simply going off by what they labeled her. She's between 1-2 years. Beautiful girl. She's gotten along great with Kai although she is teaching Kai what it's like to not be the only dog in the house. They are never alone and lucky for me my neighbors love her and watch her when ever I need them to so she's not crated.

I live in Honolulu Hawaii and I was wondering if anyone else on here lives here too and might know of a possible forever home. I'm looking for a new home while I foster her. The humane society does a horrible job here at rehoming "bully" breeds. They don't ask if they are military, do a house check or even care to see ID to check if you gave a legit name and are not using the dog for fighting or as a bait dog. So I'm taking the responsibility to find her a real home. Just putting the word out there :) for now she's living comfortably with my dog, my husband and I.
I plan to pay for her adoption fee. She is heartworm positive and the humane society will not give her the shot unless adopted. The way I see it they don't want "waste money" on a dog they might not find a home for or may put down which is how she landed in my arms :) I will do whatever it takes to get her back to 100% health.

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