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Jackie had her first chance to be off leash.
We had a family members b-day at his house which is on a couple unfenced acres. Normally this is where Boomer is awesome as he has been able to be off leash everywhere but he and our family members dog just do NOT get along and with kids and family there and just me with no husband to help, just wasn't a good plan. I decided i would take Jackie and if worse comes to worse she could go on thier runner.
Never had to worry, She was Wonderful!!
As always she was submissive to the other dogs there, one pittie mix, one gigantic rottie who was crazy obnoxious and Booms nemesis Buck the great dane/pit mix. She just wanted to play with them and So loved when they would leave her lady parts alone and actually play! (Jackie was the only one there fixed :rolleyes:
Jackie only wandered a tiny bit at one point when i went inside to use the bathroom. she actually started following the driveway, probably thinking i left, but came right back when my sister called her back.
She spent the entire night doing the most incredible zoomies and playing chase with Buck on the whole of the property, playing with all the super fun kids(lost her a couple times as she was in the house with them playing the kinect), and making sure she was there to great every person getting out of thier car.
I was so proud of my girl! cant wait to take her to all of our family functions and more over our camping and river trips!!
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