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Well it was a bit rocky as I had to leave one vets office and find another. But that's another story.

Hemi did very well in both I personally think. For his first time visit in a Vet's he was a bit barky as people came in with other dogs. He did growl at the vet when she stuck a the stool thing up his butt. He was fine other than that. He's just very scared and nervous and as the vet said "a talker.."

He weighed in at 58.6 pounds and has a HORRIBLE case of hookworms. We're now treating for that as well as on flea, tick, and heartworm stuff.

So my question is...I'm supposed to go to a obedience class with him this evening at 3PM.

At the vets he was fine with all of the dogs but one...which was a great dane who was growling and barking at him.

I also asked the Vet if she saw any signs of aggression or thought he had any temper issues and she said not from what she could see but that he was very scared and if I didn't socialize him well he would end up with some aggressive issues.

So to go or not? I think I'm more scared than he is....when he starts barking I start getting really anxious because I do not want him to draw attention to himself.

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I am not sure if it was you or another newer person that mentioned that you where using a petsmart trainer. If so I would look for a better REAL trainer to work with him. You could still got to your sessions until you find someone better, but you want to make sure it is someone experienced with pitbulls.

Fear can lead to aggression and IMO a very dangerous type of aggression as I have had to Put Down a dog that develop aggression from being a fearful dog. It is a type of aggression in which you do not know what may make them snap. Now your dog is not to that point and I am not saying he will get that way, but it is something you would want to address and socialization is key to that.

Happy walks and meeting people can remove some of this fear over time. Finding a proper trainer can help you work on the key issues with the dog. Since he is new he also needs time to adjust to your life style and home.

Positive reinforcement and love with the proper socialization makes a big difference in a dog. As for him around other dogs, these dogs are not meant to play with other dogs as they tend to be Dog Aggressive, but you can walk in areas that have dogs in yards or in other areas where people have their dogs on leads to socialize him with being around others in a controlled environment.
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I agree with both posts above.
I stupidly tried to take my aggressive dog to a petsmart trainer,in hopes of her being cured. In the end my dog was Pts.
the classes only helped her with her obedience in the house,not in the outside world.
You need to teach your dog how to ignore other dogs,if he shows he does not care for them.
Do not let him "play" or greet dogs you do not know. Just teaching him the basics like look at me,and ignore,should help some. But you really need someone who knows how to handle this breed,and that is NOT a petsmart trainer.
Don;t put him in a position where he will fail.

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just look online and start calling different places till you get one you like. Go to the website and see if you believe in their training philosophy. Like stated above Fear can lead to fear aggression and that can be dangerous. It sounds like your dog barking at other dogs I would bet is fear aggression if he is nervous. Find a good trainer
these guys look the best in your area, i saw a lot of weird trainers when i was looking so be careful. This trainer works with APBT's.

Services, Obedience Training, Behavior Modification, Top Dog K9 Training Solutions, Lexington, KY
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