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So I went to my car this morning and it had rained a bit last night like it does most weekends here in the greater Seattle area and I was a bit grossed out the find that there were hundreds of dead or dying flying ants on the hoods and windshields of our cars. We do have a small ant colony that lives in a crack of the driveway just in front of the garage door and the flying ants were concentrated on the front ends of the cars only.

I did a bit of research and found that this is how some ant species breed and recolonize to other areas and it all happens on one day: the male winged ants and the "virgin queen" winged ants all hatch and fly out of the colony at the same time, usually synchronized with other colonies in the area to ensure outcrossing of genetics with other colonies. Then the males fall to the ground, dead, and the new queens fall the ground, shed their wings and attempt to start a new colony.

I thought this was rather interesting and really the only way to explain the flying ant carcasses on my cars, ha ha.

Has anyone else ever witnessed Flying Ant Day where they live?
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