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Hello folks, Leiurus here

I've always been a dog person, been raised with game dogs around, hunting dogs (labs and pointers, the family was hunting, mom and sisters included) and protection dogs (GSDs), all properly bred (two of the labs were ranking well at a National level and one of the GSDs actually won a couple of European shows) and professionally trained.

As a student, I always told myself that as soon as I would graduate and get the independence needed to own a dog, I would get one. Back then (late 90s, I'm 45yo...) Pitbulls were a fairly new breed in France, and after dog-sitting the Amstaff of a GF in my Paris flat, my mind was made: I would get an AST.

I bought my female AST and although she was one of the best dogs I've ever had, looking back at it and with more wisdom, getting such a high-performance dog with my urban, young-professional-without-much-financial-comfort lifestyle was not a smart decision. After she passed away, I told myself that I would not get a dog until I could offer him / her the perfect environment: space, permanent care, etc...

After working 10yrs in Europe, I jumped onto the expat bandwagon and moved around Asia for a few years. Still not the right time to get a dog...I finally settled in Thailand 7yrs ago and lived a bachelor life, but even when I had regular GFs, none of them were really into dogs, so it still wasn't the right time. I used to say jokingly that being single / wo kids at 40+, the only thing that would make me put a ring on someone's finger would be because with a housewife, I could finally get a dog again (I was actually not totally joking :p ).

Fast forward a few years, I married an animal-loving woman and started living in spacious houses. I was still working 12hrs / day but with someone to care for the dog when I'm gone, getting a pup again was finally a realistic option.

I've always been a molossers dude, so I proceeded by elimination:

  • Cane Corso, Presa, Dogo Argentino, Mastiffs: God know that I would die for a Cane Corso, but too big for the house and for the wife to handle
  • APBT, AST: too much drive, worried by putting too much pressure on the wife
  • British Bulldog: wife doesn't like "dogs that always look sad" :D
  • American Bullies: hey, we're on something here...I love the look, they come in various size and seem to have less game / drive than APBTs / ASTs

So after reading on the breed for a while, looking for reputable breeders, etc...Mr Tiger, champagne-tri male pocket bully, finally made it in our home. A life changing move, for the best, as the joy he's bringing into our lives is priceless.

So here I am...I know my way around dogs in general and I got some decent animal care knowledge (been breeding exotic pets for over 20yrs...) but I'm sure there are thousands of more experienced people here and I always seek advice of knowledgeable folks when in doubt.

I'll post pics of Tiger in another thread, looking forward to chatting / sharing with you guys.


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Welcome to GoPitBull Leiurus , glad you found us. Thank you so much for the detailed introduction. Looking forward to seeing those pictures of Tiger.

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