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front legs?

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just a concern here, what is the posability of him bowing since hi brother obviously has some bowing and elbowing out? do they look alright and is there a way to prevent issues such as diet, vitamins to ensure healthier bone growth at this age? he is 6 months old and entering that gawky stage. we donot go for walks, we play fetch though and some times flirtpole (as a very special treat) he is now fed Orijen and gets fruit treats (apples, banana's, blue berries once a week and he also gets flaxseed oil due to me not trusting fish oil)

and the photo isnt the best angle or lighting but it is cold and Bogart is a priss.


His Brother (the reason why I worry)
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the protein changes depending on which type of orijen your feeding im assuming the puppy formula which is 40% protein. You can help some amoung of bowing by keeping the dog inshape and not obesse the extra weight on some of the dogs makes a small problemalot worse but alot of it is genetic so bowing is possible. what do the paretns look like ? any pictures?
mine do very well on orijen always have , however my male grew very quickly so we did end up mixing half orijen with 1/2 of some lower protein food and switched him over to the adult orijen around 8 months. it depends on the dog IMO.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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