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front legs?

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just a concern here, what is the posability of him bowing since hi brother obviously has some bowing and elbowing out? do they look alright and is there a way to prevent issues such as diet, vitamins to ensure healthier bone growth at this age? he is 6 months old and entering that gawky stage. we donot go for walks, we play fetch though and some times flirtpole (as a very special treat) he is now fed Orijen and gets fruit treats (apples, banana's, blue berries once a week and he also gets flaxseed oil due to me not trusting fish oil)

and the photo isnt the best angle or lighting but it is cold and Bogart is a priss.


His Brother (the reason why I worry)
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It's genetic, his brothers legs are bow legged and elbow out, do you have a ped or are these rescues? Your pup looks fine but what is the protein level in his food?
OMG that is WAY too high for a pup. When they protein is that high you can run into growth issues like knuckling over. IMO No dogs should have kibble higher than 30% you start to run into problems with the higher protein foods. I know many will say they do not have issues but newer research shows the higher protein foods put extra strain on the kidneys and other organs. I will have to see if I can dig up that thread where we talked about this.

gaff dogs can be really over done and so can the york and ruffian dogs. that bad front looks genetic basied on some of the bullier dogs in the ped. And I say bullier not bully dogs, you can see some of that front in some of the dogs in the ped so be happy your dog seems not to have that. Your dog looks fine in the font and he is cute ;)
IMO I would not feed a dog over 30% protien adult or puppy.

If Riley is too skinny up the fat in her diet not the protein, I learned that on this forum last year is to give them a scoop lard to the food. It puts weight on the dogs I give a scoop of lard twice a day when I feed and you would be amazed on how the they start to gain weight.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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