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When Lex was about 10 months or so... I was in the bedroom folding laundry with Lex sitting next to me on the floor & the hubby was hanging around doing something.

All of a sudden a palmetto bug (aka gigantic cochroach) went running along the floor, I had a panic fit (i have a super phobia) screamed & jumped on the bed. What does Lex do, he follows suit, standing on the bed with me hiding behind my legs as I'm screaming.

Meanwhile the husband comes running in thinking all heck broke loose. That dog along with Lily are the best companions.

Lily on the other hand is a little more stout in attitude, Lex is the teddy bear.

Just reading KG's post earlier about the worst guard dog got me to think about this story that happened with Lex & the palmetto bug & made me chuckle:D
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