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Funny video gave me a chance to educate

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A couple of days ago I was at the laundry mat and they had their TV on and there was a video on about this dog called Winston. This dog was attacking a police car and he ended taking off the whole front bumper. Then when the cop tried taking off the dog grabbed one of the tires and flattened it. They ended up calling animal control to come and get the dog. The police officer kept calling it a pit bull. The narrator called it an Amstaff. They started showing the video again and this girl walks up and stands by me to watch it again and then they showed a close up of the dog and she goes "oh those dogs have a really bad bite." I turned to her and told her, "that is NOT a pit bull." She looked at me like I was nuts. She goes "Really?!?" I said "yeah, that isn't a APBT and reactions like yours is why they have such a bad rep. Not every dog you see that looks like that is a pit. Go online and check and you will be surprised what a true APBT looks like. My daughter raises them and shows them." She said, "that is so cool. (She was commenting on Holly raising them.)" I've gotten where I will now correct people when they say something stupid about APBTs and this is from a person who is terrified of public speaking or even talking to people I don't know. Thanks a lot Holly!!
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I dunno...maybe throwing her in the dryer for about 5 minutes and putting it on high spin would've gotten the point across just as well IMO.
I think I saw that video...funny though, in my memory it was GSD.

I googled it, and sure enough 'pit bull mix'

Funny how I tuned that out.

here's the video.
Pitbull Rips off Bumper from the Police Car - Videos about Pitbull Fights and Dog Attacks !
That video was soooo funny. I just wish people could see that this dogs are not dangerous if they are handled and trained correctly. But hysteria almost always wins out. Once people get to that point there is no talking to them or even showing them. My own mother is a good example of that. We had a pit when we lived in Alabama about 25 years ago (that kind of dates me) and my mom just loved the dog. We didn't bring her because she was pregnant and I was pregnant too. (We only needed one pregnant bitch on that trip.) Fast forward to now. Holly has her dogs and the grandkids are around them every single day. I don't bring up the dogs around her because then she starts going on about how she is so afraid that one of the dogs is going to hurt one of the kids. (Especially after a news report) She cannot get it through her head that Holly knows what she is doing with the dogs and she would never put the kids in danger. But I might as well be talking to the wall.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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