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fussy puppy

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I was feeding Isis Purina Dog Chow or Beneful, but after looking into dog food decided it wasn't that beneficial for her.
I bought some Eukenuba and started mixing it in with her usual food to prevent stomach upset.
She was eating it until I got to 3/4 Eukenuba and 1/4 her usual food. I tried persevering (SP) but its just not working. I even tried putting a raw egg on top but she wont have any part of it.
I am in New Zealand so alot of food available in America wont be available here, but any suggestions on other foods I could try.
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try mixing in some canned wet food, about two tablespoons, most often it does the trick.

I feed Blue Buffalo. if they have it out there, I would suggest trying that. They have a Wilderness formula around here, I find just mixing a little hot water and letting it sit a minute or two helps release the flavor of this food.
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