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GA Peach Pit in need of a harness for pulling a wagon

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I've looked on ebay and searched here in my home town for a pull harness for my 62lb-64lb pit bull mix. he is very stout and loves to pull me around so I thought I might get him to start pulling a wagon around with some weights in it. Our dog trainer said it would work great to get his enegry down and keep him busy.

If anyone has a used or a no longer wanting dog pull harness let me know. I was thinking he might need a large one but if they are adjustable then I may need a med one do u think.

Does anyone know where a good website is to build a shaft for a wagon. I'm going to remove the handle and put in a metal arms but need to see how it all goes together and what items i may need to build it.

Would like for it to be mobile where I can take it anywhere I go. I have a van and I already have to carry his place board with me back and forth to class twice a week.

Glad I got back in to ask yall all the questions in the world.
Should I just start out by letting him just pull the cart around then slowly add some weight over time?

Any ideas are welcome pleaase!

Be blessed!
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I found a red wagon today but will go pick it up on Monday. I need to take the handle off so I can build a shaft so he can pull the wagon at much ease. Got any ideas?

Thanks will save them in our favorites and check them out..
OK got the wagon yesterday and just bought his pull harness from D&T dog supplies. I'll get it maybe friday then we can start to use the wagon.

What might be a good shaft idea for him? The harness had D rings on both sides to hook on the shaft poles..

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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