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Georgetown, TX ~ ADBA Show

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I've never shown my almost 6 yr old ADBA registered dog that I bought and intended to show. Things just didn't work out to get to any shows between college and marriage, but now I see a show in Georgetown this weekend that the adba Facebook page says has their safedog test available. I am thinking of making the 3 hour trip to the show and test him and enter in conformation. Is it really worth it...can a dog start their show career that late? My husband wants to breed him one day and I want to make sure he is the right candidate...titled, ofa tested etc...

Any suggestions for a newbie on what to being other than my dog, his papers, shot records, crate, food/water, and a flat buckle collar and lead.

there are age classes... my cali was a show champion in nkc and was almost 5 when i started her adba.. its never too late to start :) at an adba show u should bring registration, lead must be i think no longer than 4ft, crate, water/ food,.. i always have all my registrations and shot records with me...
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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