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well last night a friend brought her dog over to work with me and Bella. My hopes are to touch up on bella's basics and get her trained well enough to pass the test to become and therapy dog. I really think, she would do well as one, though I wish I had started sooner. oh, well what can you do!
Well, Bella did show to much interest but thats all I can expect when not taking her out to meet other dogs more often. It wasnt mean, I am going to bite you, just wanting to go up the dog and check the dog out. Needless to say, Bella did a lot better then I had thought she would. I messed up in a few places but its all good, I now know where I need to work on. I think Bella just needs a few more times and I am going to call these people about it.

I am so pumped, I will put pictures if I remember to remind shana to take them :hammer:
Can't wait!
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