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This is a great crosspost had to OFK has never posted this here and I thought it was good.

Oldfort said:
Ok I have a somewhat different approach. I NEVER BAIT a dog. I want the dog to pull because it wants to. Alot of baited dogs dont pull well. When it gets heavy they shut down. The NKC doesnt even allow baiting where the ADBA does but I dont like it. The dog should pull because of its drive not because of bait.

Key points
1. Make it fun!
2. Never get mad, frustrated yes just dont show it.
3. Have your dogs well being first, not winning.
4. Remeber it takes a long time to BUILD a good dog.
5. Pulling is 95% mental!. Dont break their spirit.
6. Start slow, know your dog!!!! Quit before it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Training is just that, dont try to set records at home!!!!
8. Dont try to pull more everytime.
9. Use different routines, the same ol thing get boring even to dogs.
10. At a show dont be afraid to foul your dog. Refer to #5
11. Dont let your dog (in the begining) jump off the track
12. Dont let your dog just stand there. If it starts to pull but doesnt foul it. When it goes to pull have the cart pushed and lead it through the pull.

I cant stress #5 too much. Alot of people start with good dogs but they break them and you never see them again. I always pull my dogs up to a certain weight and then I pull them down too. Alot of times when it gets real heavy and you hook the dog back up it doesnt even try because it remembers the last weight was heavy so I mix it up. Ill take weight off and when they hit the weight again its like.....hey this isnt heavy and it keeps them trying.

ALSO WEIGHT IS NOT WHAT YOUR DOG IS PULLING AGAINST. Just because Bailey pulled 3126lbs at this last show I dont expect her to pull it at NC. There track is hard and not level. She will do good to pull 2000lbs. Your dog is pulling against resistance in the track. The weight creates the resistance. The better the track is the more weight needed to create great resistance. The track I have at home is so hard Bailey cant pull more than 600lbs. So weight is just a number, it doenst mean much. Learn to feel the resistance in the cart created by the weight.

There is alot to learn and remember such as tracks, where they tighten up, when to bring a dog in, when to pass but this should get you started.

Best thing is to know your dog, know when it will shut down and do it before he does. I can tell every time when Rebel is going to quit even before I get on the track, I know what weight is going to do it and where he is going to need help. Rebel is still in training and not yet the dog he will be, I have to constantly remind myself of this. I want to beat all the good dogs he is pulling against but I seem to forget that alot of them are 2,3 and even 4 years old!
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