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Right, so we're moving tomorrow and I'm really excited. I can finally start seperating my pup from my older dog (mostly just to set boundries in the new yard) and figure out a permanent excercise place for Tyson.
Yes, I have started packing and have over 30 boxes stored in our outside storage room.
But here's the thing...........

We had a house full of guests for Christmas and then still went away for a week so things were a bit out of wack- because of this: doors that should have been shut (and are normally shut) were not. Most particularly the outside storage room door! So SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went there to get some more boxes to continue my quest and to my shock and dismay, walked into a room where the floor is completely covered in cardboard and stuffing! While we were gone, our tiny little teething terror decided he was going to cure the itch on our boxes.........., and pillows......, and speakers!!!!!!!! But here's the best part! He followed me in and when I gasped at my 'mors' that used to actually have some sort of functional form, HE had the audacity to look up at me as if to say, "wassup ma, look what I did. Doesn't it look cool?"
After a couple of tail wags later and big soulful eyeballs eyeballing me, all is forgiven. Honestly; what else could I do? (But clean up and repack with a smile)

Oi Tog!!!!
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