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Dangerous Dog Input Group makes Recommendation

After a number of dog bite incidents in the Summit City this past summer, a panel was formed to consider changes to Fort Wayne's Animal Control Ordinance.

The Dangerous Dog Input group met Tuesday night. The group's objective is to discuss ways to decrease the number of dog bite incidents in the city. They haven't released their official report yet, but they have decided on one thing because certain dog-lovers were worried.

It was first thought that the group would recommend a ban on pit bulls, or other specific dogs known to be more aggressive. But that is not true. The group wants to make that clear to the public, and they released that statement Wednesday to the media.

Back in August a pit bull attacked a young child. The team is still trying to figure out if they do want to make laws more strict for owners of dogs who attack and, or bite people. For example, right now, those laws are not as strict as in other states and that is something the group is gaining public input and discussing when they plan to meet again next week.

The Dangerous Dog Input group will not recommend banning any breed of dogs in the city of Fort Wayne. Anyone in the City who wants to voice his or her opinion to the group can attend a public comment session Thursday in the City-County building from five until seven.


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