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I believe that a dog shouldn't be bred until they are over two years of age because they are not mature until then (and some it takes a little longer). I have read about several people breeding after the first heat, which typically happens between 6 and 12 months; however, the final temperament of that dog is not known at such a young age. When you breed a dog at such an early age and the final temperament of that dog is unsound (i.e. HA) then you have potentially put a bunch of HA dogs out there, which is not a trait that should be in the gene pool of any pit bull type dogs.

In females, it is also important to remember her body has to be ready and her mind has to be mature enough to properly handle a litter; additionally, the time pups spend with their mother, between 0-4 weeks is a very important stage in development for pups. If the dam is immature, she can play a negative part in the final temperament of the pups as they mature to adulthood.

Think about it like this... The first heat would be equivalent to a 9 year old girl having a baby. Is she ready to have a baby, care for a baby, and raise a baby? No, she isn't. In addition, there is no reason to breed your dog, especially if dude just wants to breed his dog and has no vision. A reputable breeder does their research and rarely uses what is "convenient." I could go on but I am sure other will take over lol
My girl just gave you the reasoning any real informed dog owner would. My handler is a different way said the identical thing as well as onyx trainer. Granted the both are good friends i take their suggestions/comments very serious. Just because, apologise for the terminology, a pump and dump, dosent mean down the road thats the end of the story

You seem like a good natured person, please be responsible.

I agree with everyone, he is a fine looking lad
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