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Sound Off Now! To the MISSISSIPPI HOUSE -SB2821
Dog owners, breeders, rescuers were not a part of the "COMPROMISE" between MISSISSIPPI FARM BUREAU AND THE HSUS." We were not even asked to sit at the table when they conspired against us! WE ARE ON THEIR MENU AS THE HSUS WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING WE CARE ABOUT! LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE! FOLKS, IT IS TIME for us all to SOUND OFF! HSUS is alive and hard at work in Mississippi, my friends. This year, an Animal Cruelty law WILL pass in the Mississippi Legislature with a felony provision targeting only dog and cat owners. It is inevitable. Although we do have many, many concerns with this bill, we at MCCI are working hard to try to amend that bill so that at least when we're accused we can maintain ownership of our dogs as we defend ourselves in court.
In the previous years of fighting animal rights backed bills, MS Farm Bureau has been a strong ally of dog and cat owners. But THIS YEAR, MS FARM BUREAU STRUCK A DEAL WITH HSUS, throwing dog and cat owners to the wolves!!! Their DEAL was UNDERHANDED. Their media machines have been one-sided and a threat to our cause. The LEGISLATURE WAS LIED TO - THE LEGISLATORS LIED TO ONE ANOTHER - THE LEGISLATORS LIED TO ALL OF US - AND DOG AND CAT OWNERS HAVEN'T STOOD A CHANCE BEHIND THE CLOSED DOOR POLITICAL TACTICS SEEN IN THIS SESSION.
IT WAS REPORTED BY A COMMITTEE MEMBER TO THE JUDICIARY B COMMITTEE that "COMPROMISE HAD BEEN REACHED BY ALL PARTIES." THIS IS NOT TRUE! We were not a part of the "COMPROMISE." Mississippi dog and cat owners were not even asked to sit at the table!" Our concerns were never addressed in the House. THE COMPROMISE WAS BETWEEN HSUS AND MS FARM BUREAU only!
As stated, it is INEVITABLE that an Animal Cruelty Bill will pass in MS during this legislative session. WE MUST FIGHT for our rights as dog and cat owners, as this is only a baby step toward what HSUS has in store for MS. NOW is our LAST CHANCE to try to get our House of Representatives to make MAJOR and NECESSARY CHANGES TO SB2821. If the Bill goes back to the Senate in its present form, it will likely be passed in this form. We must get something passed that we can at least all live with.
MAJOR CONCERNS Regarding SB2821 as amended by House AG ARE:
1. The seizure statute amendment to 97-41-2 that is in Senator Dearing's bill, SB2821PS, as it passed the Senate HAS BEEN TOTALLY OMITTED FROM THIS HOUSE BILL. The seizure bond provision in current MS law is like the one HSUS had written into the Louisville KY animal ordinance. The seizure bond provision in that statute was ruled "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" by Federal Judge Charles R. Simpson, III, in Louisville Kennel Club, et al. v. Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government, October 2, 2009.
2. Section 1, Paragraph 8 of SB2821 is a provision for registration of animal protection organizations other than government animal control facilities and mandatory sterilization of dogs and cats by those animal protection organizations. This provision will have the unintended (maybe NOT so unintended since the HSUS member shelters apparently are not included) consequence of literally destroying the small organizations within the state that do most of the real work of animal welfare. Within the sterilization provision, there is a total lack of exemption for old dogs and dogs with health issues that put them at risk for complications and death due to an unwise surgery. In addition, there is no exemption for a dog or cat that is reclaimed by its owner, perhaps a breeder or fancier. The entire provision is badly worded and certain parts are extremely vague. For example, the lack of a definition for "physical facility" makes it unclear for the animal protection organization targeted by these provisions to know if it is even covered. That term could well mean a foster home. Since most foster homes are unwilling to let either the government or animal rightists invade their privacy, it will mean loss of volunteers to do the work. Sterilization has NOTHING to do with an Animal Cruelty Bill. This provision should not even be in the bill.
SOUND OFF TODAY! IT'S TIME TO REALLY MAKE OUR PRESENCE KNOWN!!! Call each Member of the Mississippi House of Representatives TODAY! Starting with Rep. Brandon Jones, who will probably handle the bill on the floor of the House. This bill is being pushed through the Mississippi House of Representatives in spite of the opposition of dog and cat owners, breeders, fanciers and rescuers. SB2821 WILL go to the floor on or before Wednesday March 2, 2011. We need for you to get on the horn NOW and contact each and every House Member to OPPOSE the bill for the issues listed above, and anything else that concerns you in this bill. The actual amended Bill itself can be found at:
Mississippi Canine Coalition, Inc. Mississippi Canine Coalition, Inc. - Home
Proud Supporter of Animal Welfare and Fierce Opponent of Animal Rights ROSTER ATTACHED
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