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Hello All

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Greetings from Las Vegas!! I have a year old razors edge purebred pit named Tonka. glad to be a newbie on here. had a couple questions. Are backpacks good for this breed when goin for walks? Also, what is a good brand of dry dog food?
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thanks for the info!!! So he's an American Bully... I just know he's a horse, but a great dog!!! I got him 2 weeks ago and him and My 2 year old daughter are like peas in a pod..lol I got him for $400 with UKC papers. How much does the diamond dog food run? I want a 40lb bag
Whats the easiest way to post pics?
Might need step by step instructions on how to paste pics on here...lol
Thanks for helping me out!!! really appreciate it!! He weighs 77lbs. Is that about the right weight for him?
Thanks guys!! I got him about 2 weeks ago.. He's a year old... Can you guys give me some good advice on a good dry dog food for him? Lookin at a 40lb bag
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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