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hey! my names philip, my wife and I just adopted a 3 month old brindle american staffy (PORTER) 3 months ago, hes now 6 months old and has been one of the smartest most affectionate dogs ive ever owned! we originally went to the spca looking for a great dane but fell in love with porters demeanor, hes very quiet, attentive, smart and loves people and animals alike.

Currently we feed him wellness just for puppy mix with the occational raw diet, and will switch him to evo red meat formula when the time comes.

And just 2 weeks ago i built porter a spring pole and WOW has he bulked up! so far i only have pictures from about almost 5 months of age, i will post more in the pictures forum and take some new photos soon. hope you guys enjoy!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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