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Hello from Illinois...

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Hey nice to see another person from Illinois! Our state is not too fond of these dogs which im sure you know.
Not so bad in my area, but they are banned in town 15 miles from me.
Cops in my town like my dogs, and have even got me once to help them get a stray APBT that didn't like uniforms.
Some cops would have shot first.

Also, the vets aid I go to informed me not to list them as APBT's, because that'll put me on a list of owners of the breed and put target on me.
First time I ever heard that, since BSL is prohibited in IL. Don't know how towns can do it.

Thanks for the welcome everyone!:)
Wow, quite a few from my state I see. Thanks for welcome.
I must admit, however, I leave the politics to others, as I have little tolerance for the paper pushers who come up with all these crazy ideas.
They seem to be quick at making laws they never have to follow.

Just imagine if all dogs who bit for no reason were banned...all those ankle biter lovers might actually start seeing eye to eye with us. LOL.
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I have no clue what the two of you just said:roll:
Well thanks everyone...made me feel embarrassed, as I'm one who don't like attention. I normally keep my mouth shut, and I get a bit shy when I get a compliment.

Don't really discuss anything with anyone, been keeping what I've been taught and learned through experience to myself. I'm really nobody special, just your average joe.

I'm :hammer: myself in the head right now for letting SOMEBODY persuade me into getting over here:roll: J/K...LOL. (It was another Gemini!!)

My hounds like the compliments, as I told them, and got weird head turns and rapid tail motion, LOL.
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Ok,,,I got rid of the bug now....:flush: LOL.
1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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