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Hi everyone, thanks for letting me join the forum!

A little about the pups we've had/have.
We have had boxers (our first dogs), then Great Danes, we still have Bella who is a mixed Great Dane (50% Dane, 25% lab, 12% retriever, 12% collie) but she's a big gal, 8 yrs old. She has lots of allergies & incontinence (meds. for incontinence don't work on her), thus the reason for her wearing shirts & diapers (adult people diapers that I fix for her & keep them up with suspenders).
All our pups were rescues.

So now this little man (Loki) he was literally "dumped" in front of our home a week ago. We believe he was dumped as no one seems to be looking for him. He's about 13 weeks old now. Cute little stinker! So we are now searching for information & advice.

We took him to our vet, got checkup & his shots. He didn't have microchip. He also had worms (already gave him meds. doc gave us for him) & he also has a urinary infection for which he is on antibiotics for now.

We feed our Dane (Bella) Blue Buffalo senior now and have fed Blue Buffalo Basics until she became a senior pup. We didn't realize we would be keeping little Loki so just put him on Nutro puppy, we feel like it's not the right food for him, he has been itchy lately, so we thought it could mean he could be allergic to something in the food.
Does anyone have any recommendations on how or what brand maybe good for him? Should we be feeding him a "puppy" food or regular adult food?

Wanted to post some pics of him, but can't figure out how, or maybe not allowed yet 馃し*鈾

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Try a grain free kibble with a fish based protein. If it is a food allergy, that should handle the most common ones.

Posting pics requires a hosted link. If you download to IMGUR they have a link for forums and you just copy and paste it right into the thread.
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