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Help catching a stray

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There's this gorgeous pit running around my neighborhood. He looks like someone use to abuse him, and he escaped. He's bridle from the bride of his nose to the tip of his tail, but his entire underside is white. I always try to catch him to give him a better life he deserves, but I'm guessing do to the previous owner, he's now afraid of the people who he really wants to help him. I go home from lunch and today I saw him again. I really want him, as well as my family. My wife brought him to my attention. My daughter was able to lure him rather close to her, but the second she went to pet him, he jet off again, which tells me he grew up around kids, since my daughter is only 4.

Can anyone give me a rather good option on how I can rescue this poor pup from these streets and this wicked cold weather? Any advice would be deeply welcomed.

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use a noose stlye leash and just gotta be patient use food but keep any sudden movement from yourself to a minimum. { used to keep the rope to the side and lure him with food , chicken or sandwhich meat works good lol or hotdogs and when he eventually gets close enough loop the leash around his neck . works better this way cause there is no hands on right away}I used to have to catch various animals when i lived on the farm from feral cats and dogs that would show up to skiddish wild horses lol . gonna take alot of patience could be a all day or couple day job depending how freaked he is. be careful with your daughter cause you dont know this dogs histroy and once you are able to catch him or have him cornered the attitude could change fast. having something nearby to get between you and the dog is a good idea peice or board, broom something cause fear can turn to aggression. Hope you can get him and hope he works out for your family. You could always call AC to come help but they will most likely take the dog with them.
Yeah, that was my biggest concern. You never know what will happen, but they way he approached her was in the manner of lets play, just dont touch me, ya know. I was very alert on that matter for sure! LOL Im going to have to try Saturday and use that technique. If that works as planned, what do I do after he's caught?
Im pretty sure cheese burgers will work. He's always looking for food. I saw him jump and take down a full city trash can like it was paper weight just to find food! I really do appreciate the advice. I'll keep yall posted.
If you have a crate you could try to lure him in it by putting a bowl in there with a cheeseburger in it. Then you can try to talk to him and get him to calm down, and you won't have the risk of getting bit if he is too scared.
:goodpost:That sounds great also...I have 2 crates. A huge one and a medium size...I might go with the larger one so he wouldn't feel constricted.
It seems like he might have been picked up by the pound. I haven't seen him in a few days. I saw the pounds trucks riding around recently; Im guessing due to the recent cold weather we had. Now I have to visit Barc to see if he's there.:(
Yeah, I really do want him. Hopefully I can find him in time. We are scheduled to that a trip up there today. I let yall know more, when I do.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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