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I'm new to this forum and am not a pitbull owner, just a dog lover who wants to help a helpless dog.

Boston is a pitbull puppy (18 months old) who was rescued by my friend in Temecula Ca. She was abandoned my her owner because she was hit by a truck and broke her hip and they couldn't afford the surgery for her hip, my friend cannot afford the surgery either but can't bear to see this animal put down because of this. My friend needs to raise the money for her surgery through her vet and could use any help you could provide.. Her is her latest post today regarding Boston. Thank you!

Update on Boston:
We received our first donation today from an organization.
It is for $100 towards her hip operation and $60 to get her spayed, but the offer only stands for 30 days. We have $800 more to go.

She is not doing to well. The vet said that gangreen can set in where the break is and she needs the operation as soon as... possible. I had her weight going up and she was looking much better but now she is not eating as much and having a harder time getting around. I would hate for her to have to be put down.

Please please please donate. $5, $10, anything, it all adds up! If any of you can post to other Pitbull orgs, please help her out.

Here is the donation info again:

Call Sunnymead Vet Clinic at 951-242-4056

or mail to:

24588 Sunnymead Blvd.

Moreno Valley, CA... 92553

Make sure you tell them it is for BOSTON the pitbull. Once they have the total amount they will let me know and she can have the operation!


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