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thank you! will definitely look into grain free foods... Just kinda sucks, thought we were doing Bentley right and turns out were setting him up for liver failure...

*Bentley is almost 7 months old and 48 lbs, as of two days ago, I was just going by the size chart on the back of the food.*
My girl is 7 months and 44 lbs. She sometimes will only eat a cup of her Blue Buffalo Wilderness 2X a day. I had her on taste of the wild and it made her poop to much and her stool was bigger. On the BB it is more firm and smaller............nothing like poop talk LOL!! Anyways, bottom line is what works for one dog may not work for the other. TOTW didn't work for us and I feel good about feeding her the BB. Just stick to the grain free as what was said and if you can research the RAW. Bella might eventually get put on it but it's a BIG might. Good luck :)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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