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So, we have our first pit bull, Lexi. She is an amazing dog and we are in love with the breed. A close friend of ours adopted her brother, Cain. They have been around each other for, well, forever basically. When Cain's owner works (24 hour shifts as a fireman...) we have Cain over to watch him. However, the problem is that they are far too rough with each other. It is all play and they are having fun, but it is rough and too much to handle. What can we do to allow them to see each other, and be around each other, but not beat each other up!!

Thank you so much for any advice...

~ Kate
Something you didn't mention, but I would like to point out is make sure you aren't having high "reward" items like toys out for them to play with together. Even at a young age toys, treats, and food can lead to a quarrel and between two dogs of this breed its something you seriously want to avoid. I'm not implying you are keeping these things out with the two, but I just thought it would be a good little reminder or tip for you. Most fights among any breed are normally started over some "high reward" item like a toy or food so keep that in mind. Like others have said a nice walk, or fetch session before allowing them to play together might help tone things down a little since they will be pre-warn out.
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