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Help with whelping

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A friend of mine has a pitbull that is about to have puppies and he has real idea of what to do. He talked to his vet & got some info, but I've known him for years & he's not great with details. He's never owned a dog before this and has never seen any kind of dog give birth.

He will be calling me as soon as he knows (or see/realizes) that she is laboring so that I can come over to help him (he thinks she's going to have them sometime in the next 4-10 days). I have helped with other dogs in the past, but never a pitbull. His (less than smart) friends are telling him it's no big deal & they just let their dogs "drop the puppies outside so it's not messy." He does not approve of that & neither do I. I know he is getting a small back room ready for her - not sure what his idea of that is but will try to find out.

So, can someone please give me a crash course in pitbull whelping? The dam in question is a very gentle, sweet natured dog & this is her first litter. What should we expect? List of supplies? Is a box absolutely necessary? I need to know everything you guys can tell me because I want to make sure everything goes well & safely.

Thank you so much for your help!
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Invest in powdered goats milk.
Mix it with butter milk and give it to the mother.
She will need the extra calories to feed the pups.
I give my females and pups 3 bowls, one with water, one with the goats milk, and one with adult dog food.
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