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Welcome to the pack! Hope you find lots of info here. Your best bet is to read under the training section, the threads we call Sticky Threads. There's references on training & socialization, why pups bite, etc. There's also a health & nutrition section also, that breaks down different issues you may encounter during the life of your pup/dog, from simple things like when they need vaccines, to parvo, skin issues & allergies. I recommend you also read up on the history of the APBT, and also check out the section at the bottom of the home page called Bullies 101 as it offers some insight to the difference in the American Bully vs the APBT.

It's important that you understand the differences in the breeds, not only for the sake of the pure bred breed(s), but also for your family & dogs. Some of these breeds are not always other dog friendly, whether they're raised with said dogs or not.

Remember, if you have any questions not covered in any thread/section of the forum that i've mentioned, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help educate & not discriminate. I hope you enjoy your stay on our yard, and get along well with the rest of the pack :).
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