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We have been at my mom's for a week and a half. We came to help decorate and she just kept coming up with excuses for us to stay. When we are here it's like she has a family again, my brothers stay home, the dogs love her, I watch tv with her etc. My stepdad, who lives in the basement (no lie, they cant afford to divorce, so he lives down there), hates having us here because we hate the way he acts. We make him look bad by cleaning, doing the dishes and cooking lol. So anyway, today I go to do the dishes because I dont like my mom to come home to a mess. Well, the boys, namely my stepfather and youngest brother just throw garbage in the sink, even though the can is right there under the sink. So I start rinsing the plates and stuff to load the washer, and everything is covered in tunafish. I guess thats what my brother had for lunch. Seriously the whole sink is covered in tuna, like he goes out of his way to make dish placement as gross as possible.

Next issue, the drain is clogged, and the sink is filling with murky tuna, coffee grind, eggshell sludge. I go to run the disposal, and hear the clanking of silverware jammed in it. So I have to fricking empty it as best I can before it fills, and then stick my arm in that sludge to rescue what turned out to be a spoon from the disposal. I swear! WHat is wrong with them?

When my mom cooks, she throws coffee and eggs in the disposal, but only because she always empties the sink first! They just toss them in over plates and stuff, spew coffee grinds over everything. I had a migraine for 2 days and yesterday I didnt help with the house stuff, and I saw my stepfather loading the washer, and he was making complaints about how fast the sink fills with plates and stuff. Well hubby had already run 2 loads! Its my stepdad that needs to use 10 plates to make a sandwich! So when I emptied what he did yesterday, all the silverware is filthy because he put it upside down, the ice cream scoop is like a tube with a scoop on the end, and it is full of water that sloshed out all over my feet. WTF is wrong with him? How can a grown man not know how to run a load of dishes?

BTW I also do the laundry while we are here, I fold it and leave it in the living room for the owners to claim as I dont know who's is who's. Everyone but my stepdad and youngest brother get this concept, they just leave it there for days, and wait for me or my mom to deliver it to their rooms. I dont know how my mom deals with this full time!

My stepdad also likes to make jabs at how hubby just sits at the computer all day, well its his JOB! He acts like we come here and mooch off them and dont work. We bought $140 of groceries last week, bought everyone pizza yesterday, I made all the christmas cookies, and cook dinner almost every day. I run around the house turning off tvs and lights that he and my brother leave on, they are 2 filthy wasteful peas in a pod.

His dog he refuses to housetrain (says he is already housetrained) pees all over the place, guess who cleans it up? Thats right, I do. He walks his dog on a retractable lead, but never retracts, so he just goes whereever he wants, and he walks up to people and dogs. He got attacked a while ago because he went up to a strange dog, and now he screams if my dogs sniff him. My stepdad acts like my dogs hurt him, however I find it highly unlikely that a pug can harm an australian shepherd, and the other 2 have no interest in him at all (plus lack of any fight or injury). It's his fault for not watching his own dog at the park, he just walks around in a stupid daze.

I get my brothers involved, having them help clean and stuff, and I get attitude from him, like the 14 year old shouldnt have to help out because he had school all day, screw that, it takes 10 mins to vaccuum the living room, I'm sure he can manage. Since when do kids get no chores? Especially when they have straight D's?

Sorry for the vent, but I'm pretty frustrated, my mom wants us here, and its the holidays, and all our bdays are coming up so I can't start stuff, but I worry hubby is gonna lose it and punch him lol.

For some hahas, my favorite "scientific" statements my stepfather believes and will fight with you about:

1. If you boil water longer it gets hotter.
2. Putting hot water in the ice cube trays makes it freeze faster.
3. Putting salt in the humidifier makes it evaporate better.
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