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Committee votes to clamp down on animal fighting

Associated Press

WASHINGTON - A House committee rejects former chairman Jim Sensenbrenner' s attempt to attach an anti-abortion amendment to legislation cracking down on dog and cockfighting.

Sensenbrenner, a Wisconsin Republican, says that without his amendment, Congress would give more protection to chickens than to children.

But the House Judiciary Committee disagreed and approved the bill without the amendment.

Sensenbrenner' s amendment would have made it a crime to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion to circumvent parental involvement laws.

The dogfighting bill makes it a felony punishable by up to three years in jail to transport animals across state lines for fights.


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This is great news, I personally think on both counts (I'm pretty pro choice).

Unfortunately, it's not going to bring any change as far as dog fighting goes, unless it's more actively enforced/sought out.

As far as cockfighting, I'm really not that bothered by it, but I'm pretty indifferent as to whether it stays legal or not where I am.
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