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So, today is my daughters birthday party. I'm expecting around 24 people in the house and I've never had that many folks at once around Toby.

When we rescued the lady we got him from said something about properly introducing folks to Tobes. More along the lines of of sniffing someone's hand at the door ain't enough. He doesn't get aggressive, no outward signs anyhow.

However it is basically like this......your a stranger to my dog and my guest. You show up to my door and Toby will meet you at the door. He will sit patiently and quietly wait ( think pearl harbor). If I just say come in I set my dog and you both up for failure. Toby will hold you at the door and you ain't goin no where. There's no fur up, no teeth, no growling. He just won't let you move. Now, if you try and go around........well let's just say I have never let it get that far.

Now if I greet you at the door, and I put my dog where I want him. Which is usually off to my left sitting (heel position in relationship to me) and I do a proper introduction there aren't any problems. Unless your tarded and you shove your face in his making goo goo gaw gaw pretty doggy noises or you think that's the green light to rough house.

I've had only one person that my dog would not settle down over and just did not like that dude. Suffice to say he's never been invited back. My dog don't like you.....I don't trust you.

I wouldn't call him a guard dog, I still think he'd help you steal my TV. On the other side of the coin I think if someone came in the house that wasn't supposed to they'd draw back some nubs. Hes am bully mix so I'm thinking the unknown mix part is where that behavior comes from. Either that or I'm just naive lol.

My wife's idea is to have the guests toss him a treat as a part of the process.....yea that works sometimes.....but I ain't given him 20-30 treats in one day.

I plan on letting things ride....doin my normal at the door intro and if he stresses too much it's crate time in a quiet part of the house.

Anyhow, am I tracking with my intro plan, or any suggestions would be helpful.

Enjoy your Sunday,

He let the guy with the bouncy thingy in the house and back yard while I was gone yesterday with no problems......guess the guy inflated the bouncy and was stooped over working on something when Toby walked up within 4 inches of the guy and commenced to peeing all over the bounce. Staring at him like....your bounce, my yard......say something I dare ya lol. That dog is a constant source of laughter.
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