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How did you find GoPitbull?

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We love to know where our members are coming from and how they found us.

So, how did you find us? What made you want to become a member?
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I saw the link to this site from another site, although it was years ago now and I can't recall what site I'm on so many.
Great site !!!

I found this site by a power search through Google, then saw how cool it was and joined right away. The site is great and i have met some really nice people that like to help with questions that i might have. I recommend this site to all my friends and family.

At the time I belonged to a site called Gotpitbull. One day I typed in what I thought was gotpitbull but got this site instead boy I'm I glad I made that mistake. I love this site.
Google searched "Pitbulls" and this site popped up, hopped on and saw how informative and up to date the site was and decided "Hell, I gotta pitbull, I got questions, might as well join this sucker and see what I can learn."
ditto on Google. Thats how I found it.
yeah, google has worked well for us!
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I was trying to learn more about the different bloodlines and found this site while searching on google. Started reading thru it and decided to join. Quite surprised I haven't gotten the ban stick yet lol.
Coletrain I have not seen anythng by you that I would consider banning you for. I think you are a great pitbull owner.
I was on Rate my pitbull and the site had some other older forum settings. The forum settings on rmp were down for a while, and this was opened as a new site. It just kind of took off from there. I guess I was a member of gpb before it was even called that!!
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Well when I did my very first pitbull search via google I found Rate My Pitbull,
looked around, created an account and noticed the GPB forums link.
I checked out GoPitbull, liked everything about it and never left..lol
google,duh,how else do you find out info on apbts?
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google search. i was gettin my first pup and knew i needed to add to my research. so far i like this one best.
I can't even remember how I found this one. I think someone introduced me. Damn my memory.
google for me too.....checked out the forum and liked what i saw...i have got some really good info from this site...thanks everybody...!!!:)

Can't remember how I found it but I'm glad I did :D
google,duh,how else do you find out info on apbts?
Yeah, as you can see by reading this whole thread, everyone does it.
It's beyond me why folks slam you for it..:hammer:
Honestly i dont know how i found this site,i used to be on so many diffrent dogs sites,been here since '06 i believe and i didnt even know what google was at that time.
maybe yahoo or are they the samething,how about "search engine" thats how i found it actuality and im glad i did,this site is cool.i rarely frequent other sites anymore.
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