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Been wondering what percentage would be genetic vs raising, in terms of temperament, dog aggression, how they are day to day, even with people etc.

I know it's impossible to put an exact percentage, but have you found one more of a factor than the other?

What got me thinking, I had a rescue dog that was abused. The owners were kind of mean to him. I got him and treated him well. He got much better and was great with me and the family, but he never trusted strangers and hated other dogs. He was 80 lbs so I didn't want to tick him off or him bite someone. He never got into trouble but just didnt like someone until he got to know them, which was understandable with his past.

A different scenario, I had a 45 lb game bred that I got around 6 months old. He was a firecracker at times, very active and aggressive when racoons and possums would come in the yard. When he was a puppy my friends would come over, they would bring their non pit dogs. We would cook on the grill and the dogs got along well. When older he still was civil with the other dogs and wouldn't start anything with them. If challenged he would react but I was surprised with how good he was with the other dogs. We never left them alone but never had any big issues. In my case, how I raised him seemed to lessen his dog aggression with known dogs quite a bit. With strange dogs all bets were off but he had some play buddies he was very civil with, which surprised me. He was the sweetest to people also.

Anyone else had one that was half way decent with known dogs?

I would never trust him alone with other dogs, but my most intense dog was the one that was the most civil with dogs he knew, out of every pit I've had. Maybe I just got lucky with him. My most dog aggressive dog was prob the 80 lb rescue
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