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I am trying to follow the Bill Hillman "Training Your Pet with the Electric
Collar The Soft Collar....". I don't feel like I can follow the program exactly because my dog is very highly
trained in obedience. We are completely new to field training. She knows how to retrieve, come when called, sit stay and
down stay. She finished her Utility dog title last August and is now working on her Obedience Trial Championship.

The DVD assumes that the dog understands the command, but makes many mistakes due to distractions. I can cause
my dog to make a mistake, but probably only one mistake per training session because she understands distractions
and is accustomed to avoiding pressure. I have been trying to do the collar conditioning in conjunction with
throwing bumpers (where she will occasionally break her sit), but I haven't found a good approach to teaching the "here"
command. The problem is that when I call her when she is on leash or a long line she always comes. Most of the
time I can't even cause her to be distracted on lead, even when I walk her near the treeline where there is the
highly desirable deer poop. The only times she makes mistakes on recalls is when she is not on leash and I am at a distance.

Any advice that you can give me about how to collar condition a dog that has good obedience skills would be greatly
appreciated. Is there a DVD or book that might be more applicable to my situation?
I want to make absolutely certain that she understands the electronic correction and how to respond to it.


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If she is great without it...why bother using it? What is the point? If this is for a hunting dog...I'd probably ask someone who does field hunting, lots of German Short hair Pointers, Spaniels, Labs, etc. do that kind of hunting...
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