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Hutto, TX results

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These are a week old, but they don't stink yet so I can still share.

Hutto TX UKC show @ the Triple Crown Academy, hosted by the Lone Star-Louisiana TFT Club. We went for one day, two shows.

S1 - It was Matrix's Superman's first show and he was totally full of himself because he knew that everybody was just there to see him, and he had to show off. End result: Best Male win for 25 pts and a competition win. Terra went up against him for BOW (she was the only class female) and won, making her a new UKC CH. :) She didn't do anything in BOB, losing to a CH female.

S2 - Superman again took BM, giving him a total of 50 pts. Terra was the only CH this show, so she took CH/CH and then BOB over Superman.

I'm still waiting on the pro photos to be published on the photographer's website, but for the time being, here are some recent pics of the kiddos.

Our ribbons.

UKC/ADBA CH UROI UWP Matrix's I Defy Gravity CGC SDC1

Matrix's Doin His Superman Thing

And we discovered today that these two derps even like each other! (I posted more pics in the "Terra and Superman playing" thread in Pictures.) Its got me thinking crazy thoughts. Good thing Super's still a babeh.

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Congrats on the wins guys! Some well deserved takings ;)
great job!!! Congratulations :)
Congrats!They both are some beautiful dogs!
Thanks, muh peoples. :)
Congrats see you just had to show UKC enough and you would finish her CH. BTW superman is a nice looking dog.
I think it had something to do with letting her mature, too. She barely did anything before she turned 4. Wore that gangly look for so long before she came together. And Superman thanks you. :)
way to go Lindsey Superman and Tterra!
Thanks! :)
Just seeing this! Congrats! Loved seeing Terra again (saw her when she earned her SDC1) and Superman is a handsome fella!
Thank you! And it was nice to meet Jesse and his little compatriot. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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