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I dont think the parents will mind if you spray for fleas. The last thing you want is a flea outbreak, they are hard to get controll of once you have an outbreak. you will want to stay ontop of the fleas untill they are gone the best way to not have them is start your dogs on a flea treatment plan before the fleas have a chance to breakout. Fleas can live dormant and they hatch out when they feel vibrations. Your vet if they notice fleas can give her a pill I think its called capstar Im not sure but it will kill all fleas and she can have her surgery.
We have already started out dogs on the brewers yeast and garlic I got 1000 tablets for 8.$ at petsmart when using my petperks card. My dogs love them hey hear the bottle and they come running!
Hope this helps
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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