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Finally, i'm done with Madison! This is a quick ref of Madison of Rascal's Pibble Club. It's a club that speaks for itself; it's for Pit Bulls. The club is a partner of Go Puppy, so he's basically a member of Go Puppy, just the Pibble version. They desired more attention so they got their own club. lol

I wanted to show you guys how he looks before i include him into my first scenery piece.


Age: 13 weeks
Gender: Boy
Color: Merle
(He's mixed with a catahoula leopard dog)
Favorite Food: Hotdogs
Favorite Activity: "Bouncing" around
Least Favorite Activity: Having to sit and wait.
Loves to Say: BALL!?!?
Other: This is Madison.
He's a "bouncy" puppy, and just loves to take activity in anything that involves rolling around or knocking stuff over.

Rascal met him while passing by a Pit bull Adoption Center and Madison happily followed him home.
He's never had a human to love him but now that's all taken care of.
He hates baths, and takes every opportunity to dash out of doors. He still needs a bit of training, but he'll learn!

Kay...you like em'?

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Great work, as always Nisse! You continue to make your auntie very proud of you!
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