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Hopkinton, Iowa

In the wake of a fatal dog attack in which a toddler was killed by her grandfather's rottweilers this weekend, Hopkinton Mayor, Cathy Harris, said the City Council will re-examine Hopkinton's animal control laws at its meeting tonight in light of the tragedy.

Mayor Harris has indicated that the city will more than likely pass an ordinance that Rottweilers will not be allowed in town. The city ordinance already bans "pit bulls," as well as "vicious animals."

Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE letters in opposition to breed specific legislation to the Hopkinton officials. Individual contact information is not available for city officials, but correspondence may be forwarded to the city clerk, Amy Ries, via e-mail or fax, with a request to forward to the mayor and council members for their review.

Hopkinton City Hall
115 First St SE

PO Box 154

Hopkinton, IA 52237-0154

Phone: 563-926-2181

Fax: 563-926-2065

Email: [email protected]
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