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Ugh. Conner limping and in pain when I got up this morning. My regular walk in clinic said he needed x-rays, which they can't do. Regular standard vet couldn't fit him in, but referred me to a new place.
They are an ER/urgent care place, literally just down the road, I had no clue. Would have been nice to know about them when Kylee had her eye thing.
Anyhoo, x-rays didn't show anything, of course. She felt it was probably a soft tissue injury in the elbow. Pain meds and rest (ok, surešŸ¤Ŗ). If he's not better in two weeks, she'd like to x-ray the shoulder. Prices are a little steep but nowhere near as bad as the other ERs.
And yesterday I tried a little bit of duck dog food, then he got all pink and itchy.
Good thing he's sweet and cute!
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