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Please take a moment out of your time to vote for this charity:

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Thank you.

Here's a link that describes more about the foundation:

Basically this resource has been the only back up plan for ppl with seizure disorders/epilepsy & can't get individual health insurance due to preexisiting conditions.

If you happen to lose your insurance, then one day have a seizure. It's quite possible doctors can refuse to see you or treat you if you don't have insurance & insurances have the right to refuse you just like car insurance does if you have too many accidents (it's sad). The medical field is very backwards (no offense to those of you in the medical field - I don't blame you just the system) & these people are a tremendous blessing for ppl living with this condition due to personal experience after living with this issue for a year now...

It's sad so far they only have 986 votes. So please help 'em out. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

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