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If your dog could get a tattoo....

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what kind do you think they would get??

I know that a ton of people on here are tattoo lovers soo based on their personality what do you think your dog would get tattooed and where...and why!

Idk what Loki would want...I think he would get something on his shoulder...maybe just a bone or my HOMEWORK that he loves to rip up hahahha he's a pretty simple guy... and of course he would get a Starpup's Logo tattooed somewhere cause he loves his momma and wants to support her!

Give credit to mamapit for this question haha I got the idea from the picture she posted.
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This is too funny...

Lex wouldn't get a tattoo - he's a big teddy/softy & is scared of toe nail clippers much less needles

Lily would get an Fire Lily

Jesse would (much to his daddy's dismay) get a tribal tattoo around his left arm...

Jack being the fruity lil guy that he is would have a rainbow tribal tattoo!

And Mogwai would have something really tough and probably Pittie related!
Crixus would get a Ballerina
Xena would get a clown
Bumble Bee would get a flower
Faith would get a couch lmao
Snoop would get a brick wall.........
Mae would get a martial arts tat
Slim would get a hot air balloon
Francis would get a Pit Bull Tat
Sophia would get a cool bone tat
Chevelle would probably get a tatoo of herself. She's a little conceided. Stares at her reflection all the time. Champ would probably get a meatball lol.
Ecko would probably get a portrait of me since he thinks he needs to crawl back into the womb, although mine isn't the one he came from. LOL!
Or the old fashioned heart with the mom banner. :)
Beastley would get the tazmanian devil on his shoulder, representing himself.
Fat Boy would get a tattoo of me on his hip because that is where he is connected
my pit would get one of 2 tounges,one for each hole,she'd then get "eternal happiness" tattooed under them.
she's always lickin.
terra would get bart simpson cos she's a lil trouble maker lol
and viva would get a boxing kangaroo coz thats how she rolls lol
I guess if she wanted to match me, my hand print would be on her shoulder ( i have her paw print )
terra would get bart simpson cos she's a lil trouble maker lol
Haha yeahh I think Loki would get "GOD OF MISCHIEF" tatted right across his chest lol he definitely lives up to his name...

I've decided when I get a tattoo done for him...I want it to be his paw but smeared like he's in motion..cause that's how I'll remember him. :)
I have to draw it up and see how it looks...
my dog cash has no choice but to get my name tatted on him just like how i got his name lol
Lily would get a piglet or a piggy because she is forever my Piggith :D and Leo would probably get his entire abdomen covered in various types of food and treats lol
I'd want to get Kane a Superman tattoo to match mine.

I think he'd probably get some Pin-Up looking poodle tat though if it was up to him.
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