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Illinois Gov signs bill initiated by IFDCO (our

Here is the formal release we just had fashioned re the Illinois Bill

For Immediate Release

SB 1637 was signed into law on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. This bill was
initiated by the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners [IFDCO]. The
Federation is dedicated to protect dog ownership rights in Illinois. The
Federation worked very hard with legislators to get our first bill passed.
We are thankful to Senator Pam Althoff for sponsoring the bill in the
Illinois Senate and to Representative David Reis who sponsored it in the
House. It passed both the Senate and the House unanimously on the first

The law actually protects both cats and dogs and requires the Animal Control
facilities to scan for microchips and examine the pet for any other form of
identification twice, once upon intake and again before transfer, adoption,
or euthanasia if the pet is not claimed, to alert owners that their pet is
in possession of an Animal Control facility. Also protected will be
ownership interests, since the law will better ensure that a strayed pet who
has any form of identification, including tags, tattoos, or microchips, is
reunited with its real owner.

The Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners [IFDCO] was established in
December of 2009 to protect dog ownership rights in Illinois and to educate
the Illinois legislature about all aspects of canine ownership. The local
kennel club in this immediate area [Medallion Rottweier Club] is a proud
member of the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners.


Pat McCann, IFDCO Corresponding Secretary for any questions concerning this

Karen Perry
[email protected]
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