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Illinois - HB1080 - Meeting Reminder

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House Bill 1080 would remove the language prohibiting breed specific laws and allow municipalities to declare dogs dangerous based on breed.

HB1080 will be heard by the Agriculture & Conservation Committee on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.. The hearing will take place in room 122B, Illinois State Capitol Building, Springfield, Illinois.

Illinois residents, please attend the committee meeting and express your opposition to House Bill 1080.
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Thanks Tye!!! I cant stand this :poop:!!! Police Dogs attack and kill more children every year than any other dog and they all get swept up under the rug........

Here in Idaho; the insurance company asked two questions, do you have a police dog or a attack or guard dog breed? and Do your dogs have K9 training? No breeds like the rest of the nation goin calypso with BSL on APBTs and like dogs.. Here people have sense and realize its certain breeds of dogs that are bred, kept, and trained to be HA and APBTs arent one of them. :D Not to say :poop: ignorance doesnt exist up here at all, just for the most part the Constitution rules the land. I think I am going to give a few calls today.. Thanks again!!
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