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I was just pondering because Odyssey has a doggy friend called Tiny who we joke as her husband who she's known since she was pup. He's an Staffordshire Bull Terrier / English Bull Terrier cross and a pretty little boy but crazy dominant.
Odyssey usually dominates all dogs smaller than her but this lil man dominates her so much you'd think they were killing each other, teeth gnashing and growling but never a scratch on either dog. He bullies her a lot and she ignores him or resorts to sitting by my legs when they meet so they don't have play dates any more.

I would've expected her to react differently being a pit, so do you think I should expect her to grow up and naturally fight back or could she stay my lil chicken for the rest of her days?

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Not all pits are game. Some dogs will never show signs of DA, and their brother or sister might. DA may not appear until the dog is fully matured, around the age of 2. You can't really call if a dog is going to be DA or not, my girl is almost 2 and still has shown no signs of DA. She does however howl and whine when she sees a dog or animal she can't get to, but when she gets to them she just wants to play.

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Wingman pretty much nailed it on the head.

Sometimes people will have cold dogs who have no intrest in agression, they want everyone to be their friends, I have a few mates who have dogs like this and god they are hallarious. There much more easier to handle.
And alot of the time a dog will 'switch on' it could be as last as 5 or 6 years old, so just remember you have an APBT and to be carefull in every situatiuon :)

Best of luck

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DA isn't really the issue. it's what the dog does when it's prey returns fire.
where I stay,they got a little mutt. he grabbed my pit by the face,yeah,he's DA and 'bout got his head removed from his body.
the prey in this situation went from adversary to agressor.the mutt brought A bat to a gunfight.
with the pit,even those bred way down the ladder as most up on 4 legs are today,theirs always a pretty good chance they are going to answer that small, often minute call to history.
now whether they would measure up in A real dogfight,if you haven't gamed a dog,your never gonna know,PERIOD.

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Everyone has already made really good posts, so I'll just add something that I learned since I joined this board and I take it to heart.

Its not if your dog will fight, but when. So always be prepared for the worst, yet hope for the best.

My boy Whit just turned a year old and even though he hasn't shown full dog aggression, I know he's got it in him after he tried to pull off a board from my girlfriend's back fence to get at 2 aggressive huskies who were working him up. Boy was shrieking like a banshee too. I posted a thread on here for advice and Will gave me good advice like he did now.

But yeah, DA can show up at different ages or not at all. Just keep an eye on her is all I can say :)
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